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Catching Up

It’s time to reboot my blog after a really long hiatus. Life happens. Once you get out of the writing habit, it’s hard to get back on track until a friend tells you that she misses it. In this case, it took the encouragement of a faithful reader. I had no idea anyone cared. Thank you, Ann.

So here we are at the beginning of 2023. Where have I been creatively speaking? One place I’ve been spending time is at my sewing machine. I love it. It’s a beauty with all the bells and whistles. I’ve been making baby quilts to give away. It’s a good use of legacy fabric from my Mom.

Last fall I was invited to a quilt retreat with my cousin, Emily and her quilting buddies from Pennsylvania. A few days of fun in Amish country I thought! And that’s exactly what it was. We stayed in a refurbished old house next to a quilt shop in the little hamlet of Charm, Ohio. The first snow of the season added to the atmosphere.

I worked on some projects I needed to finish for Christmas and my fellow campers brought projects of their choice- a huge quilt, some knitting, paper piecing, a table runner, etc. We filled in the gaps with good food and a mystery jigsaw puzzle.

Christmas gifts for my four sisters- each with a special embellishment on the heart in the place of their birth order.

There were still grapes on the vines below the windows. Noelle, one of the quilters, captured a photo of a cardinal who stopped by. I was inspired to turn it into a piece of fiber art (below) for a mixed media textile class and then a watercolor (shown above). I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Mary Bauer

    Love your pillows for siblings.

  2. Jan Benham

    Beautiful Work, Donna! I miss our weekly paint and picnic!

    • dnesbitt

      Spring will get here eventually!

  3. Ann Armstrong

    It was worth the wait. Marvelous stories of your beautiful creativity.
    Thank you.

    • dnesbitt

      You’re welcome!

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