DonnaNesbitt_DSC6566I’ve painted off and on since seventh grade when we were lucky to have a working artist, William Klettner, as an art and science teacher.  He introduced us to watercolors and colored pencils.  I was hooked – copying fashion designs from newspaper ads and the Breck girls from magazines.  I even saved up my money to buy a small set of Grumbacher oil paints.  I loved the orangy smell of that Grumtine thinner!

I could only fit in one art course in high school. Then I took enough art for an area of concentration in college along with my education major. I never taught art, but I was always making things for my classroom.

Then I discovered tole painting and it became my hobby/sideline. I painted anything that didn’t move –  from sawblades and milkcans to porcelain jewelry.   I’d escape to my painting after papers were graded in the evening.  I sold my work at local shows, especially my porcelain Christmas ornaments with tiny little snow scenes. Through the National Society of  Decorative Painters I had several ornaments included in the Trees of Christmas at the Smithsonian. When I got more deeply into education at the state level I really didn’t paint much for a decade.

Now I’m happy to be involved with the Central Ohio Plein Air group every Saturday.  I’m also a member of the Ohio Plein Air Society and Urban Sketchers Columbus.

Creativity is a gift from the Creator and what we do with it is our gift to the Creator and those around us.  This blog is meant to document how following your curiosity can lead to more dazzling and dramatic art.

Donna Nesbitt