All work shown is for sale by contacting Sold works are listed as being in a private collection.

Day of the Lilies 8 x 10 oil SOLD
Lake Erie Morning oil 9×12 $210
Laying in the Firewood 9 x 12 oil $210 Painted in Tiger Valley near Danville, Ohio.
Wallflower Croatia Pastel 9 x 12 $150
Magic Carpet 9×12 oil $210
Painted at Inniswood MetroGarden
July July oil 8 x 10 $150
Full bloom oil 8 x 10 $150
Window Garden oil 8 x 10 $150
Cabin With a Tin Roof 9×12 oil SOLD
Luxury Madness pastel SOLD
Inniswood in Bloom 9 x 12 oil $210
Beyond the Roses 9 x 12 oil $210
Setter in the City 11 x 14 Oil $285
Springing 11 x 14 oil on canvas $285
Wallflowers Montenegro 11 x 14 Watercolor $250
Maylight 9 x 12 Oil $210
Craving Color 9 x 12 oil $210
Vermillion barn 9 x 12 $210

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So what is shinrin yoku? It’s a Japanese term that means forest bathing. No, not skinny dipping in the woods. It’s taking time to immerse all of your sense into nature. That’s forest bathing. A gentle breeze on your skin, the scent of the plants, shafts of sunlight and birdsong. Ah! Your being is so full of natural goodness that there’s no room for stress.

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When I visited Japan, I had a very urban experience: visiting schools, companies like Mitzubishi and Sony, riding the trains, and staying in cities. I can see why a nature experience would be so refreshing to people who live there.

Researchers are documenting the positive effects nature can have on our health. Studies point to both psychological and physiological effects on our immune, cardio vascular, and respiratory systems.That’s what I enjoy about plein air painting – a full immersion into the natural world. Peace. Absorption. Chores and cares are gone. There’s just the plants and the paint.

Painting at Sycamore Park in Pickerington, Ohio

When you look at one of my paintings I want to give you a little piece of the experience. Calm, serenity, a sense of place. The warmth of the sun and the scent of wild flowers. The texture of foliage. Enjoy!

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