A popular scene to paint at the BFEC



If I had to choose just one place to paint for the rest of my life it would be the Brown Family EnvironmentalCenter at Kenyon College.  I painted there four times this summer and wouldn’t run out of scenes to paint if I went there 400 times.

There’s so much material to choose from:  flower gardens, a lily pond, a mini waterfall,  buildings, farmland,  the Kokosing River and bike path.  It makes me want to move back to Knox County!

A water feature in front of the farmhous 


The evening I painted the water running over the stones, the sun was being selective with the highlights.  I captured it as well as I could but I’d like to revisit that lighting in a new painting.  It’ll have to be plein air.  A photograph doesn’t have the nuance I want.

The View From Observatory Hill



I’m working on being a bit more subtle with color and texture.  I felt like I nailed it in this panoramic view looking down into the valley on the Fourth of July.  What I nice morning!




Stonehenge at Kenyon

I painted “Stonehenge” on COPA’s Saturday paint-out.  By the time I drove to Gambier the garden was already swarmed with painters and I was too lazy to walk to the river.  So I decided on the rock garden because I liked the shadows.  When I got home it looked much darker than it did on site, so it took a bit of adjustment to get it into shape.


The center’s manager, Noelle Jordan, welcomed our Central Ohio Plein Air group multiple times throughout the summer, keeping the center open on Wednesday evenings and the Fourth of July as well as one Saturday morning time slot.  All that work resulted in a show that opened at the end of July and runs through September.