Leonardo-da-Vinci-Public-domain-Wikimedia-CommonRemember how Schroeder (of the Peanuts gang) celebrated Beethoven’s birthday every year?  Well, if you are a  creative type you may want to celebrate DaVinci’s birthday today, April 15th.

We all learned about the Renaissance Man in school and so you know he was an artist/scientist who was a creative genius.  So that gives you plenty of options for celebrating!

  • Hike, climb a tree or watch a bird.
  • Sketch, paint, or journal.
  • Get out your old clarinet and play a tune.
  • Knit or sew something.
  • Write a few pages.
  • Sing boldy.
  • Mess around with beads and glitter.
  • Start a new project or finish an old one.
  • Hang a picture.
  • Try a new recipe.

Make sure it’s something active.  You can’t just read about it or watch a video.  You’ve got to do it and if you can do it outside, that’s even better.  When you’re finished you’ll feel great so you can raise a glass of your favorite beverage in toast to Leonardo!  If you are really inspired you can leave a comment below.