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Beach Designs

This post is going down a different path than my posts on painting. When the weather was frigid in Ohio, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Florida. Every morning I walked on the beach and created a design with whatever nature had to offer. I was awed by the intricate shapes and colors and thankful for the abundance. It’s good to slow down to just look and appreciate.

Beach Butterflies

So I gathered whatever interested me, usually two handfuls and sometimes a pocket. Tides and weather washed up new treasures every day. Near the dunes I found grasses and sticks.

A good morning catch

The first design incorporated broken pieces of dune fencing, probably damaged during hurricane Michael.

A special prayer

Some days I focused on shapes and some on color.


I even made a design near the camellias at Eden State Park.

Star of Eden

The designs were inspired by the book, Morning Altars by Day Schildkret. In the spring I am offering a workshop at Shepherd’s Corner in Blacklick for anyone who wants to see spend some time to appreciating the variety and beauty of nature in Ohio.

Venus on a Half Shell

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  1. Ann Armstrong

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. And spiritual, too Thank you

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